Since the beginning of this school year, with the collaboration of our English teacher, Mrs. Dionisio, and the help of our headmaster Mrs. Basta, our class has been experiencing a new way of learning based on increased students’ involvement thanks to the greater exploitation of our skills in multimedia field.

The main topic we have been focusing on and from which we began our work was the psychological and cognitive development of the individual and in particular we have looked at the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner, whose theories are the protagonists of our blog.

The class:

Bivona Andrea Maria, Bruno Marta, Capizzi Greta, Dell’Ajra Clelia, Di Piazza Giulia, Di Prima Mattia, Falduzza Mara, Firrigno Giorgia, Fontana Flavia, Galesi Francesca, Gallo Daniela, Gentile Piermattia, Giardina Ilenia, Giambra Aurora, Guagenti Matteo, Lana Federica, Lauricella Martina, Lentini Sara, Leonardi Giulia, Li Volsi Daniele, Lo Manto Alessia, Maira Matteo, Milano William, Mosca Mattia, Pepe Santino, Polizzi Roberta, Provenzano Giovanni, Salvaggio Simona, Sportato Andrea, Turco Giampaolo, Vullo Antonio.