Color Psychology


Science teaches us that the color is nothing more than a visual elaboration generated by nerve signals that the photoreceptors of the retina sends to the brain. Visual perception is able to provoke emotional responses and different psychological attitudes. The study of this phenomenon, which has much to do with neurophysiology, is called “COLOR PSYCHOLOGY“.

The color is a feeling that it is received by the brain and that has effects on our body and especially our psychological attitude.

Our “personal color palette” depends on the way we perceive the exterior colors and emotional concepts such as the unconscious associate, we are based on our personal experience, both on the basis of the cultural context in which we live that affect us more or less directly.

Of these concepts it is also based color therapy. According to chromo therapy, colors help the body and mind find their balance, and have physical and psychological effects that can stimulate the body and even cure some diseases.

Colour plays an important role in visual communication, and this is also true in internet. They can even influence our actions while browsing a website. The correct choice of colors is a fundamental action to design an effective design. Cleverly using the colors, a good web designer may be able to suggest the actions users online.