Effect of the music in the brain


Since ancient  times, music has been known to have the ability to affect our mood in a positive or negative way.

Researchers of the Canadian University McGill, thanks to the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) a and PET, discovered that some brain regions are activated while a person listen to some songs. They observed a high blood flow in the nucleus accumbens of the mesolimbic system, the region where sensation of pleasure is elaborated . This sensation is caused by the production of the hormone DOPAMINE. The subjects for the experiment felt a shiver at the steps for their most exciting, which coincided with the peak of neuronal activity.

Researchers observed that actually, the release of dopamine starts before, in prevision of the step of the song that a person likes.

The  release of dopamine affects the planning of movements. The consequences are also interesting in a therapeutic  perspective for individuals with motor disorders such as Parkinson’s. Various studies have shown an improvement in the coordination of the patients in the act of walking.