Feng Shui


Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system which aim is harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally means “wind and water“.

Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysic’s, it deals with architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as ch’i.

Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings in construction process but today this art is spread over the world.

More recent forms of feng shui simplify principles that come from the traditional arts, so they focus mainly on the use of the bagua (literally eight number) which is a sort of guide that leads architects and designers.

Feng shui developed from Taoism which is based on the balance between wind and water, they are the principal and powerful elements of life. There are other elements like fire, soil and metal that can be helpful to improve the condition of the soul, directly linked to the force of the nature that moves everything.

Feng shui is also based on Yin and Yang principles. Yin is the principle humid, dark and female, while yang is the hot bright and male principle.

Feng shui affect the architecture of closed or opened space. According to feng shui principles, symbols of 5 elements must be present and correctly positioned and balance in every room or space.

Bagua: the octagon which set the architecture following the life principles

An example of feng shui architecture: every element is present and correctly proportiend to the other ones.The position of stuff are thought to be felt comfortable

Feng shui: how your space can affect your mood

The design of houses can affect moods. This art discovered long the years some key insights into home and outside decorations. How it can make more productive, happy, and peaceful live in those places.

Colors can affect your moods. It’s important to play and  experience with colors to find the right balance. Look at color, its various tones, and notice your mood. Have fun, mix and match. The concept is to use colors as your advantage.

Most people simply put everything against the wall when it comes to furniture placement. This creates negative energy and dead space.

When it comes to the decoration and furniture placement incorporate circular, oval, and arched shapes with granite, marble, and flagstone. Artwork and decor with metal, stone, brass, iron, copper, or gold is integral as well.

Another important aspect of decoration that many people overlook is photography. Make sure you have pictures of you, your partner, and family hung around the house.

Smell is like touching or tasting something from a distance. It’s a subtle thing that can have a huge impact on our mood. Add more healthy blooming flowers like jasmine, violets, and gardenias through home.

People usually think that Feng Shui has “oriental style” but today it is spread all over the world.

This ancient form of art has been renewed and modernized long the years.