Human Personality


In psychology,  personality is the psycho-physic unit of the life, that we develop growing. It is dynamic, in fact, in our life, personality can change.

According to Sigmund Freud, personality is like an iceberg: the visible part is the CONSCIOUS, and the underwater part, that is eight time bigger than the visible and allows it to float, is the UNCONSCIOUS. Between these two parts there is the PRE-CONSCIOUS.

Human personality is made of three parts: CONSCIOUS, PRE-CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS

Conscious depends on will. It includes self-awareness and awareness of what surrounds us;

Pre-conscious is linked with unconscious. It is made of informations that we remember only when they are required

Unconscious is made of undeletable things, thoughts, feelings that we are forgot unconsciously, and they affect our life and our behavior. It doesn’t depend to will

There are three aspects that interacted in our behaviors and personality:

  • ID:
  • It exists since the birth
  • It is the instinctive part
  • It effects according to the Pleasure Principle, avoid pain
  • EGO:
  • It develops when child begin to be reality-awer
  • It effects according to Reality Principle
  • It mediates Id’s requests, reality and Super Ego’s requests
  • It develops growing
  • It includes moral values

These aspects are in conflict with each other. To solve this fight and allow a balance, there are some Ego defense mechanisms, that are involuntary. They are:

  • Removal: involuntary mechanism that leads in the unconscious what create stress;
  • Reaction: give a false explanations to something that isn’t accepted;
  • Sublimation: transform impulses into useful behaviors;
  • Regression: search solace in past behaviors.

If this balance is broken, psychological problems can begin, and sometimes they can be dangerous for health.

So To have a developed and a strong intrapersonal intelligence means have the ability to maintain balance between these three aspects.