People and social network

In the last years we saw a very big develop of the social network as Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter, that invaded our life; on average a people spent 2 hours every day in the social network, but the guys, more or less, spent all their day on the social network with their smartphone.

We are totally involved in them, that we don’t realize the positive and negative aspects!!

Positive aspects of social networks:

  • The sharing of common interests with their friends;
  • Hear people that live away;
  • Meet new people.

Negative aspects of social network:

  • Cyber threats as cyber bullyng;
  • Identity theft;
  • Estrangement from reality;
  • Inability to make relationship “offline”;
  • Destructions of real relationships following the creation of utopian and surreal identity.

Today, for example some people in the same room speak to each other thanks whatsapp.

We should be able to balance and control the use of social network and we should be able to have limits to prevents the loss of the ability to make social relationship without the possibility to sent friend requests or emoctions, and to express your opinion without the “like it” or “comments” buttons.